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NKOTB Favorite Song

This was my favorite performance of the night.  They came behind us and performed this song.  We could touch them.  It was AWESOME!!!  I danced on top of my seat.  I had a great time.



Yes ladies and gents!  NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK  Love them!  I saw this awesome five-some last Saturday at the Allstate Arena.

My review:

Donnie was so freakin hot in his sparkle baseball cap.  He informed the crowd of 98% female and 2% male that was newly single and looking for love in CHICAGO.  I do love Donnie, but I decided to pass on that request.

The concert had a great mix of new and old music.  It made me laugh to hear “Summertime”, but I danced along to the oldies.  I enjoyed click click click and cover girl, but they werent as good as the others.

It felt great to be 10 again with no cares in the world.  That was one of the best concerts I have ever been too!  Best Girls Night in a long time.

Christmas Presents…. allready?

The other night I was asked by my boyfriend what I wanted for Christmas.  We have been dating for over 6 months but less than one year.  Should I ask for a practical gift, like a new bike so we can ride together or should I be impractical and ask for jewelery?  Is it tacky to tell someone exactly what you want?  I like surprises.

Long Time, No Write

Welcome back to school!  After seeing all my teacher friends, I was informed that I was not bloggin to my full potential and they were getting bored.  Well, I have many updates. 


#1.  I met most of Jason’s family over the summer at his Dad’s surprise birthday party.  I also learned what it meant to date Momma’s little baby boy.  Wow!  Now I kind of understand what the girls go through, who date my brother.  His family was great.  I had a wonderful time.  I did get stuck holding his sister’s new baby.  It was like the second time in 15 years that I have held a baby.  Jason’s Dad made a great joke.  He asked someone to take the baby from me because it looked like the baby was breaking my arm.  Shit yeah it was!  The baby was also choking my throat and making me wish for a permanent birth control.

#2. AHMC  I joined the American History Matters Collaborative.  Its been a great program and I feel like I am a much better teacher because of it.  I was given ideas and ways to teach concepts that I never thought before.  It has really made a difference this year.

#3.  Jason introduced me to a couple of his friends.  This was not something I pushed, but something that bothered me because let him meet my friends right away.  I think that also had to do with that fact that Iived with my best friend when we first started dating.  They were fun.  They tell very dirty jokes and laughed a lot at my “kid” jokes.

What do you call a missing parrot?

A polygon


#4. I moved to the Southside of Chicago.  I LOVE watching the White Sox so it made sense to move closer to see them.  Plus, I have a little crush on Nick Swisher and I may increase my chances of seeing him if I only live a few blocks away from his office of employment.

#5. Within 48 hours of moving into my new place, I locked myself out with Cleo.  Wow!  That sucked huge balls.  I had to go next door to my neighbors, use four of their outside plastic chairs and a couple pieces of wood to balance over the arm rests to reach my bedroom window.  I was able to pull myself up and into the window.  My arms and legs were covered in bruises, and this happened about 3 days before I got to meet Jason’s whole family.  I looked a little beat up.

#6. Kelly is gone.  My cat that was given to me by my siblings for Christmas 5 years ago, ran away almost 1 week ago.  I really haven’t cried over it, but I keep on waking up during the middle of the night crying or having these horrible dreams where everything and one is leaving me.  That sucks!

That is more then enough for now.  I have a facebook page.  atromito

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Picky eaters

So Jason is an extremely picky eater and it is driving me nuts.  I have made numerous meals that he has refused to eat.  I usually try to make healthier selections of food, and I think that is the main problem.  He likes to eat mostly crap, ie: frozen pizza, meatloaf frozen dinners, and other icky stuff.  Does anyone have a meal idea that even picky people would like?  Im guessing he has the appetite of a little kid.  He finds green food gross.  How can you not enjoy a salad?  Dumb boy


So school is almost over.  I can’t wait to spend my summer relaxing and taking my dog to the beach.  This will be my first full summer in Chicago.  Any ideas on HOT places to go?  I would love suggestions.

America’s Next Top Model

So at first, I was a little upset that Anya did not win, but then I realized how important it was for anaverage sized girl to make somehting of her self.  Too bad that she has to be labeled as a plussize model.  There is nothing plus sized about Whitney.  TEAM WHITNEY from the end.  🙂

Day off work

I am not going to work tomorrow.  I am going to see my sister graduate from ISU with a nursing degree.  I am so proud of her.  She has allready got a job lined up.  I tried really hard to get her to move into the city, but I don’t think she was ready for it. 

I am super excited to have the day off tomorrow.  It is going to be so nice to sleep in.  Don’t be too jealous.

Free Mother’s Day Flowers and Chocolates

Flowers, free vase/chocolate

Can’t make a HO a HOUSEWIFE

Boy do I agree with that statement.  Yesterday, Jason asked me to make dinner for him and his son.  No biggie right?  Lets not forget I live in Chicago, and he lives in West Chicago.  I am also the softball coach with practice that night.  Also, the boy has no chicken, milk, or anything to put on the chicken.  Lastly, he has pots but no tops.  WTF!  Seriously?  How does that work.  I am still trying to figure out that one.

So I rush home from practice, grab Cleo, walk Cleo.  Then I pack a bag with not only clothing for work tomorrow but also for my game today.  I almost forgot about Cleo not eating dinner, so I quickly run back into the house and fill up a plastic bag full of food. 

I drive to West Chicago and make good time.  I get close to Jason’s house around 7ish.  Then I realize I have to leave the monster in my car alone when I go into the store.  OH MY GOD!  I am very worried about this but I have no choice.  I quickly take Cleo’s muzzle and put it on her, crack open the windows and make a run for it. 

I get out of the store and into the parking lot to see to people with their face plastered up against my windows.  I am hoping that my dog did not figure out a way to eat my seats or shit all over the carpet.  I check out the car and its all good.  We reach our destination and I begin to start cooking.  By the time the chicken has done cooking, its 8:30ish. 

As I sit down to eat, I realize that I basically have not stopped doing something all day long.  Wow, and then the rush of tiredness kicks in and I am done playing housewife.  I can tell you that will not happen for a long time.

Dinners Amy had cooked Jason 4 (and they were all damn good and healthy)

Dinners Jason has cooked Amy 1 (and it SUCKED, but sssshhhhh)